Within its headquarters, TC DIGITAL has a structure used as a Virtual Studio, which allows you to have a technology designed for the management of the services of a TV Channel and for Digital Platforms (Web, Mobile and Social)

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, it has a control room with a high-performance control panel with Studio TV functionality, capable of supporting the addition of multimedia objects such as Videos, Music, Images, innovative “ad hoc” Formats also for Digital Platforms (Web, Mobile and Social)

It also has the “Chroma Key” functionality to replace the background with Images, Logos or Videos to your liking, with the possibility of creating branded “ad hoc” Scenographies

The System can manage from 1 to 8 SDI / HD cameras, with 4 wireless microphones and 2 IFBs, to carry out an audio / video product live or delayed, obtaining highly professional results