Now that Mobile is a consolidated reality, TC DIGITAL is able to field significant know-how also for Editorial Content and Products for Web Sites. One of the most prestigious projects in this regard is, the virtual space created by the FIGC for the Community of Italian Football Fans. TC DIGITAL has collaborated in the complete Restyling of the architecture and graphic line, with the implementation of the Social Channels and of “Vivo Azzurro Channel”, the official YouTube channel of the FIGC, for which TC DIGITAL produces the Contents


The experience in the audio/video sector and the innate vocation for the Sports Sector have made TC DIGITAL the ideal Partner for Federations, League and Sports Clubs, but also for all those Companies already active in the Sports Sector who want to integrate Content and Products with Innovative Digital Formats. Mobile has become the main channel, in terms of daily use, for Users to enjoy News and Entertainment. The trend remains constantly growing, so much so that it is expected that it will reach (and in the near future will exceed) the importance of the Television Sector. TC DIGITAL invests its experience and technical capacity by developing Editorial Content and Products for important Companies linked to the Mobile Platform, creating Innovative high quality Formats: Sports Magazines, Columns on Serie A and B and on foreign football etc.



TC DIGITAL is specialized in the creation of Innovative Content and Products and in the management of Social Pages (Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin) for all companies belonging to the following Sectors: Sport, Entertainment, Agro-food, Services etc. It makes use of Social Media Manager, and also makes available to the Customer the technical figures necessary for the realization and management of the Project